We at SODAM cashew make sure that our number one priority remains food safety and quality. Every step of the processing is diligently monitored and controlled to ensure the highest quality of final product. From selection of raw nuts to grading and packaging we make sure that everything is done is a safe and hygienic manner.

Our cashew kernels are processed and packaged in accordance with the Association of Food Industries (AFI) specifications in order to produce a low percentage of broken, scraped, defective or damaged kernels that are free from blocking, rancidity and any foreign or adhering matter.  We ensure that the final product is free from hazard, as per HACCP.  Ultimately, our cashew kernels maintain excellent roast appearance, uniformity in shape and size, as well as a fresh and wonderful taste. 

The SODAM cashew processing facility utilizes the most efficient modern machines to steam, cut and dry the nuts in concert with manual labor to peel and grade the kernels.  The kernels are vacuum packed, nitrogen infused, sealed and labeled by grade and lot number in order to ensure the freshest product and the most efficient traceability. We are committed to continuously upgrading the standard of our facility and to continually improving the working environmentRw Cachew

Raw Cashew

Senegal annual cashew production is about 50 thousand tons. West african cahsew is the best cashew procduced in the world. We can deliver the raw cashew all over the world

Cashew Kernel

SODAM cashew currently produces high quality cashews primarily in the grades WW180, WW210, WW240, Splits and Butts.  WW320, WW450 and other grades are also produced in lesser quantities.

Other Products

We ca also provide high quality Peanuts, Baobab and Hibiscus