Our Dream

When we started our operations in Ziguinchor region of Senegal we had a lot of doubts about the plan. Most of the farmers were used to directly exporting their cashew harvests without even considering the possibility of processing them in their own country. This was a whole new concept introduced by SODAM Cashew and we were not sure how people will react to it. However now we are confident that we took the right step towards betterment and development of the country.

With plans to expand our operations to the whole country we want to empower people who are living in underdeveloped areas and bring them to their feet. Our dream is to create enough jobs for people in the country and make sure that Senegal comes in the list of fasted developing countries in Africa. Using our local home grown raw material we want to empower our farmers and the communities that they are living in. Creating respectable and high paying jobs in the country we will be able to reduce poverty and unemployment.