SODAM Cashew

SODAM Cashew is a private enterprise with a mission to operate amazing cashew processing facilities producing the only the best and highest quality of cashew kernels. We also have a strong commitment to be a socially engaged organization that facilitates and helps in development of the communities in which we operate.

One of our main aims is to facilitate the development of a sustainable and profitable cashew processing industry in Senegal. We strongly believe that a thriving cashew processing industry can play a vital role in the economic development of Ziguinchor region in particular and the country of Senegal as a whole.

Our Objectives:

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  • To make the best quality cashew kernels in the world, all produced and packed locally in Senegal
  • To add great value to Senegalese raw materials within Senegal itself
  • To increase exports and professionalism of the cashew sector in Senegal.
  • To develop attractive employment in a rural environment under sustainable production practices
  • To provide attractive and sustainable job opportunities to local women while keeping the local norms and traditions in mind
  • To contribute as much as possible towards development in Senegal

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Our Dream

When we started our operations in Ziguinchor region of Senegal we had a lot of doubts about the plan. Most of the farmers were used to directly exporting their cashew harvests without even considering the possibility of processing them in their own country. This was a whole new concept introduced by SODAM Cashew and we were not sure how people will react to it. However now we are confident that we took the right step towards betterment and development of the country.

With plans to expand our operations to the whole country we want to empower people who are living in underdeveloped areas and bring them to their feet. Our dream is to create enough jobs for people in the country and make sure that Senegal comes in the list of fasted developing countries in Africa. Using our local home grown raw material we want to empower our farmers and the communities that they are living in. Creating respectable and high paying jobs in the country we will be able to reduce poverty and unemployment.

About Us

SODAM cashew processing factory is located in the town in Ziguinchor in the Ziguinchor Region of Southern Senegal. Our main aim as a company is to become the top cashew processing company in West Africa while contributing positively towards development of the region we operate in. Our current target is to achieve the cashew processing capacity of 1000 tons of raw nuts for the year of 2019 which is equivalent to approximately 12 containers of cashew kernels. In doing so we will be able to generate over 200 jobs in the area.

We plan to continuously increase the processing capacity of our plant in Ziguinchor and then expand our operations by installing additional facilities in towns and cities across Senegal. We are confident that within the next three to four years we will be able to increase out processing capacity to 30 containers per year.

Once these projected expansions are achieved, SODAM cashew will be able to process more than 2000 metric tons of raw cashew nuts all acquired from local producers. In this process we will be able to generate more than 400 jobs and pay over $2 million per year to the community in the form of wages and raw material acquisition by the end of 2023.


We at SODAM cashew make sure that our number one priority remains food safety and quality. Every step of the processing is diligently monitored and controlled to ensure the highest quality of final product. From selection of raw nuts to grading and packaging we make sure that everything is done is a safe and hygienic manner.

Our cashew kernels are processed and packaged in accordance with the Association of Food Industries (AFI) specifications in order to produce a low percentage of broken, scraped, defective or damaged kernels that are free from blocking, rancidity and any foreign or adhering matter.  We ensure that the final product is free from hazard, as per HACCP.  Ultimately, our cashew kernels maintain excellent roast appearance, uniformity in shape and size, as well as a fresh and wonderful taste. 

SODAM cashew currently produces high quality cashews primarily in the grades WW180, WW210, WW240, Splits and Butts.  WW320, WW450 and other grades are also produced in lesser quantities.

The SODAM cashew processing facility utilizes the most efficient modern machines to steam, cut and dry the nuts in concert with manual labor to peel and grade the kernels.  The kernels are vacuum packed, nitrogen infused, sealed and labeled by grade and lot number in order to ensure the freshest product and the most efficient traceability. We are committed to continuously upgrading the standard of our facility and to continually improving the working environment.

These large sized cashews are called also called “King of Cashew”. They are top of the line premium cashew nuts.
This type of cashew nuts are popularly known as Jumbo because of their big size.
This type of cashew nuts are an attractive option for many and they are also very reasonably priced.
One of the most popular types of cashew nuts which is available all over the world.
If you are looking for low priced this type is the most popular among low priced whole grades.


Senegal is famous for its high quality cashew nuts the country is currently producing approximately 75,000 metric tons of unprocessed cashew each year. However, of all the harvested cashews, 95% is exported without processing. If all of the harvested cashew is processed right here in Senegal we will have raw material enough to operate 20 factories. At the moment there is only 1 factory that is processing cashew nuts in the country. This shows us that there is huge potential in the development of this industry because it uses a raw material produced by small holder farmers and will be able to create 20,000 jobs in the country.

Expanding the amount of cashew processing that takes place in Senegal will result in economic development in terms of higher incomes and more jobs.  The production of high quality cashew kernels which is a value added commodity while utilizing local resources will retain a greater portion of the overall value of the resource within the local communities, greatly contributing to the economic development of the region. 

Being a socially responsible organization we make sure that we donate a substantial percentage of our profits to various NGOs who are working towards community development in Senegal. Some of the projects in which SODAM Cashew is participating include installation of clean water systems, wells, irrigation systems, as well as literacy and health training centers. All of these projects will improve the quality of life of individuals, families and entire communities.

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